What a wonderful time we had with Wolfi during both tours. He was so warm and engaging and took such good care of us, including Kassia. As a child, she knows when she meets a person who is genuine and sincere. She cried when we said goodbye to Wolfi and that goes to show how much he has touched her within such a short period. She even requested that we keep in touch with Wolfi!
June 2017

Thank you for nice local experience in Eastern suburbs. We liked it so much we wrote about it in our travel blog – etabroad.com
Tomas – E&T Abroad
May 2017

It was absolutely wonderful day with you. Both Cherie and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and experience. You put so much heart and love in your tour and anyone would be lucky having you showing them beautiful Sydney and the surrounds.
Linda M
May 2017

We had such a great time today, it was absolutely the right choice to book with your company! Rylee was very smitten with Wolfi as well, she wanted him to join us on every activity.
April 2017

To our very special mates – Darryl, Wolfi and Nick ~
We seriously had so much fun with all of you, laughed a lot, learned a lot, experienced a lot, ate a lot, totally enjoyed our time with you three fabulous people!
We can’t express enough how much we appreciate you all, your knowledge, your kindness and hospitality, etc. We can’t wait to share our adventures with all our friends and family!
Thank you again for everything!
Jeff and Chris Merry
April 2017

It was a great tour. We were all so pleased and felt we had a great orientation to the city and saw some areas that we just would not have had enough time to visit on our own.
April 2017

I just got back to London after a wonderful whirlwind time in Australia. Thank you so much for meeting with me and showing me around the eastern suburbs – it was such a treat!
It was great to see and experience a taste of the tours you offer, and I would undoubtedly recommend you to our students and their families.
March 2017

The students really loved it! I am very pleased with the experience. Thanks for everything and I’ll definitely book with you again in the future.
February 2017

We had the BEST TIME on the tour with Nick. He was fantastic, had a great sense of humor, so knowledgeable, and made the day a memorable one! Thank you for offering such a great tour.
February 2017

Naomi was fantastic. She was so informative and had such great energy even through a full day that was 100 degrees! I really appreciated her attention to detail and for cultivating a tour that was sensational. For this trip, I had a limited amount of time in Sydney, and I certainly accomplished a lot without feeling rushed. Thanks again!
January 2017

We really enjoyed our time with Wolfi as he not only was pleasant to be with but also very knowledgable. It was perfect in the mountains with both the weather and a small crowd. Thanks again.
January 2017

Thank you!!!! Our family truly had an awesome time with Clementine. She was extremely thoughtful, friendly, flexible, and knowledgeable. We loved spending our last day in Sydney with her. We’re extremely glad we choose Real Sydney Tours. Again, thank you for the amazing customer service.
Patrick, Nicole, and Jackson
January 2017

That was the most memorable trip. I didn’t have the knowledge of the beauty of Australia and New Zealand. Thank you for making our trip so memorable. Everything was great.
December 2016

We had such a lovely time with all of you. Thank you for showing us Sydney and the Blue mountains. Do not stop what you guys are doing as you are doing it right! It will be a trip we will always remember.
December 2016

Hey Darryl and Wolfie!
Thanks so much for the photos, and more importantly for the amazing time that you showed us. I miss our time together. Now that we’re back in the US, we’ll definitely rate you perfectly on trip advisor. We all had a truly amazing time with you. Definitely reach out when you come to New York City, and we’ll meet up for some dinner / drinks. I hope all is well down under right now! Wish we were still there.
November 2016

We loved Sydney and one of the highlights was the trip with you. Andrew was a great guide and a great person overall. So eloquent, intelligent kind and gentle. He had a great hand with my boys. The bus was great, very comfortable.

The boys really loved the cable car and railway in the mountains. Andrew even made the walk interesting (my boys are not lovers of rambling) We found 4 Lyrebirds. Super cool. We liked the waterfalls as well! So nice to have such a special picnic with a tablecloth! Nice touch! Great lookout and yummy treats! Andrew said he had never seen anyone eat a pack of Tim Tams that fast!!

The aboriginal show was good but coolest was the photo opportunity and talking to one of the young men with fresh brandishing scars from his manhood initiation!

The lunch was ok but that is no reflection on you -it met our needs for a quick stop and some nourishment. Featherdale was nice as well and we liked seeing different animals in action.

To top it off Andrew spent time with the boys teaching them how to throw a boomerang! An unforgettable experience. We all loved the boat ride back!

I have already told a friend about you guys! Great trip and definitely memorable. Andrew is top notch.
October 2016

Home safely after a long journey back to Devon but our Sydney memories helped keep us cheerful throughout! Thank yous to Real Sydney tours, Naomi, Andrew and yourself – you gave us two days we’ll long remember.
Pete & Diane Greeno
September 2016

Hi Darryl,
We have reached Chennai safe and sound. I want to thank you for 2 really great tours organised by you, especially at such short notice.

Naomi had very good knowledge about the local culture, history and was also very courteous towards our needs. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks again!! 🙂
August 2016

Thanks for the great tour. We really enjoyed it. A special thanks for running by Woolys Wheels bike shop to pick up the cycling jersey. We will post a 5 star review in Tripadvisor this week.
Casey & Suzie Costley
July 2016

Thank you and to Andrew who was the perfect, well informed guide. We are used to misbehaving weather so it did not spoil anything, it even added to the ambience at times.

Thank you kindly for the extra touches for Steves birthday which added to our wonderful experience. Of course we will make sure we post a fabulous review on trip advisor. It is the least we can do to let prospective clients know how great the service was right from the enquiry stage through to the fabulous tour.  You have been a pleasure to deal with Darryl, thank you once again.
May 2016

We had a great time and are so glad you and Andrew were able to show us so much!  I have already written my review, but TripAdvisor usually takes a day or two to verify it and post it.  I’m sure you will be seeing it soon! Thank you for everything.
April 2016

My wife and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour yesterday. Nick was fantastic! We certainly enjoyed meeting him and spending a fun day with him. He provided interesting historical perspectives, special local insights, and wonderful photographic opportunities…. as well as ensuring we got the most out of our Featherdale visit. He was attentive to our every need and tailored the day to maximize the time we had available.
April 2016

I had no idea what a wonderful and diverse place Sydney is. Thanks to Nick and Real Sydney Tours, we experienced far more than we could ever have experienced on our own.

We have friends who want to visit Australia and New Zealand in the next year or so. They have asked us to travel with them. When we return to Sydney, we’ll be sure to use Real Sydney Tours again.
March 2016

We had a very pleasant tour today. Wolfie was friendly, informative and extremely attentive. Definitely a guide we will not forget.
Feb 2016

Thank you guys for showing us a good time here in Australia! I for sure will leave a review when I get back to the States!
Feb 2016

About “Real Sydney Tours”. In this tour, you will experience the Aussie city from a different perspective – not from a tourist’s point of view but from a local’s. It gives a rare glimpse into the place, certain to leave a lasting impression. The tours are usually for up to six people but larger groups can also be catered for in special accredited vehicles. The tour is full of magnificent surprises along the way and you will discover it by enjoying a beautiful day exploring it’s coastline and interesting suburbs.
Jan 2016

Thank you, we have had the most amazing day. Naomi was a brilliant guide. We loved all the places we went to, especially fish and chips on the beach with a glass of champagne and the pie van.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company and we will definitely use you again when we come back.
August 2015

It was a great day – Interesting, informative and a lovely enhancement to our holiday.
August 2015

Thank you and kind regards. We will definitely broadcast how much we enjoyed it to our friends on Facebook who may visit from overseas, friends who may visit who live in other parts of Australia already and via Tripadvisor to the world at large as I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Real Sydney Tours to anyone.
July 2015

It lived up to our expectations, which were high because of the similar tour we had already done in New York 2 years ago, and Naomi exceeded them with the special touches of photographs and the picnic.

All in all a great day and we are all very appreciative.
July 2015

Darryl Sloshberg was a personal tour guide for my friend Margarita and me. It was Margarita’s first trip and my second to Sydney. We were very happy with the experience and the time we spent with Darryl. We took a drive all around the City visiting neighborhoods, small hidden parks and viewpoints from hilltops next to gorgeous homes. We of course did a quick drive to Bondi Beach.

In the course of seeing how people live in the city, we had a lively discussion about cost of living and attitudes toward college educated students staying at home while in school and then returning to their home town to find work. We discussed the cost of renting an apartment which was very high and how buying homes was simply not possible for many. Despite that, the quality of life and the many free recreational opportunities for families to enjoy the outdoors made it possible to have a rich life. We stopped for tea at a park on the water and Darryl provided a taste of Australia for our tea break. We very gingerly tried Vegemite  which she said is how she, and many Australians start their day. (Perhaps there is a reason why that has never caught on outside of Australia.)

Darryl’s enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine pleasure in meeting us was why we had an excellent introduction to Sydney that tourists rarely have. We simply could not have done this on our own. Darryl makes it part of her daily life to take note of new developments in the City and incorporates what she feels is relevant into the tour. Thank you.
Judy and Margarita, Bellevue WA USA
March 2015

Thanks for the pics!  Also thanks to Naomi and Wolfie for making our trip to Sydney special and too much fun. We so enjoyed everything!
Linda McConner
Feb 2015

We had a wonderful time on tour with Cameron. He is a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.
Feb 2015 

Thanks again for your excellent tour of Sydney. We had a great vacation and your tour was one of the top highlights of our trip. It was very well planned and your gestures made us feel quite welcome. We returned to Puerto Rico yesterday and will be sure to post a great review at Trip Advisor later this week.
Jesus Alvarez
Feb 2015

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a great day we spent with Naomi today. She was knowledgeable about Sydney and shared her insight with us. More importantly she is very personable and it was a delight to spend the day with her.
Thank you for arranging a wonderful tour of Sydney for us.
Art and Phyllis Geffon
Feb 2015

We had an excellent day with Wolfie yesterday. Sydney is a beautiful city, and we felt like we saw the majority of the highlights yesterday. The only minor glitch occurred when we got thru customs, we couldn’t find him in the lobby. Another tour guide was nice enough to call him for us from her phone, to find out he was stuck in traffic, about 15 minutes away. Once we found him, everything went very smoothly. He is an excellent guide and gave very good descriptions of everything we saw. It was a nice mix of driving with frequent stops to get out and walk around for a bit. We had a nice lunch at The Bucket List on Bondi Beach, and then to finish the day he got us squared away on the Manly Ferry to get back to Sydney, and we could easily walk back to our hotel from there. Yesterday morning we did the Bridge Climb, which was a lot of fun, now we’re on the Celebrity Century cruise to Fiji for 12 days. Unfortunately we must go home the day we get back, but there is so much more we want to see of Sydney and the surrounding area, not to mention the rest of Australia, so we must come back soon. Thank you again for a wonderful day. I plan on writing an outstanding review for you on Trip Advisor when we get home, and I would certainly recommend your company to any of our friends that were traveling to Sydney in the future. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.
Risa and Rick
Jan 2015

Dear Darryl, On behalf of all of us I would like to thank you for the wonderful day in beautiful Sydney. We enjoyed very much the way you guided us and will recommend you to our friends.

Thanks so much for the photos! We had a great time today with Suanne. Thanks for your great communications and service.
Jeff Jackson

Our tour guide was Wolfgang Hees and I would like to compliment him for his great service.

“Just to let you know that we’ve reached home safely and thanks for taking care of us during the 2 days trip in Sydney. We especially enjoyed the picnics that you’ve prepared for us and the kids simply loved it and is asking us to do the same in Singapore (so we decided to purchase a picnic basket).
Also to let you know that we enjoyed your company and we felt that you were more like a friend rather than just a tour guide. With these good memories, we’re looking forward to our next trip to Australia with you.”
Happy New Year Darryl – all the best for 2015 to you and your family.
Au & Family
Dec 2015

Thank you very much for such a lovely introduction to Sydney. Can’t wait to see the pictures you took. Thanks again.
John & Elise, Claudette & Rejean

Firstly, thank you for the photos – they’re beautiful.
Secondly, thank you and especially Wolfie for being so kind and helping us make the most of our trip to Sydney.

We did have a great time with “Bad Boy” Eddy (our nickname) – weather was perfect – had a wonderful time – would love to move here if it wasn’t so damn expensive for homes! – we loved Sydney !!!!

I just wanted to tell you I have never had a tour guide like Naomi! She could NOT do enough for us. She went out of her way to give all of us the most incredible day in Sydney we could have experienced. I thank you so much for sending her to us. We loved her!
Suzy Orthwein

Thanks so much for your note and to Naomi and you for taking great care of the Davidson family – they really enjoyed the tour and their brief but memorable stay in Sydney! All the best to you and your team.

Home safe and sound and still basking in the glow of our wonderful day in Sydney with you. Your tour was outstanding and we so enjoyed getting to know the marvelous city through your eyes. Hope to see you again as Sydney is definitely in our future travel plans. Warmest Regards,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write you back, we got home on the 2nd and this has been a crazy week adjusting to reality.  Eddy was amazing and the tour was fabulous!!!  We could not have asked for a better experience, I don’t think we would have been able to see as much of Sydney if we had not taken the tour.  Eddy was great, I did not feel like we were being shown the town by a tour guide, I felt like we were being shown around by a friend.  Eddy really made our trip to Sydney special and I cannot thank him enough for that.  Eddy went above and beyond and when it was time for the tour to end he made sure we knew where the ferry terminal was and went inside the ANZ Stadium to make sure the tour was still going on and insisted if we had any issues later on to call him.  It was more than we could have expected and I appreciated his concern for our well being. I will definitely be writing a glowing review on TripAdvisor.  I have attached the photo Eddy asked me to send you of Jeff and I at Bondi Beach and I will definitely put a few on TripAdvisor.  I want to thank you for all of your help and kindness when booking this tour.  We were recommending your company to anyone and everyone that would listen that we met in Sydney, Melbourne, Ayers Rock and Cairns, if they were heading to Sydney they knew about Real Sydney, you and Eddy.Thank you again!!
August 2012 (USA)

Hi Suanne
Just a quick note to thank-you for two super trips with Real Sydney Tours and yourself, we both enjoy them very much. We are now on board dawn princess in the Timor Sea, already been to Brisbane, The Great Barrier Reef and Darwin. Have spoken to several people on board many were disappointed with their trips to the Blue Mountains. Unlike ourselves who have a wonderful time though your efforts to add those little extras. May be I should of have some business cards from you. Thank-you again
A Harris
Dawn princess
Timor Sea
February 2012

Dear Suanne:
What a bonus Mike and I received on our November and December, 2011, tours of Sydney.  Your pain was our gain!  Due to your broken elbow, Nick Martin came along on the two tours as a driver.  He contributed so much, and we felt as though we had two tour guides.  Nick had studied horticulture and was knowledgeable of all the flora and fauna.  We enjoyed him pointing out the different plants and animals in the area.  (On the second tour I gave him a page out of the New Scientist magazine I was reading, and he already knew the result of a recent study involving a local bird.  I was impressed!)  He was very familiar with all of Sydney and the Blue Mountains.  He knew the back ways and the good spots.  When you brought his home-made orange marmalade for our morning tea it was delightful.  We were again impressed when we discussed the very fragrant fruits in the stores where we had been.  We asked where the fruit was grown, and if it was imported.  He told us what Australia imports in the way of food, plants, and animals, and he knew all the facts because he had been a quarantine officer.  What a treat to have a tour guide with first-hand knowledge to answer our questions.  He is really charming and we would readily sign up for a tour with him again.  Our days were delightful!  Thanks.
Jody  and Mike USA
December 2011

Suanne I want to thank you again for our wonderful trip!! Mike told me it was “a perfect day” – I don’t remember him every saying that before!B Bale: USA May 2011
Hi Suanne…
What a wonderful day we had with you yesterday! We learned so much about your beautiful city and so enjoyed being with you.
Again, our warm thanks for a most special day.

S Levy: New York, USA: March 2011

Suanne..thanks for the recipe you sent me and for the pictures you took. The Blue Mountains trip and Featherdale Wildlife Park were one of the highlights of our trip. It was amazing and we loved every minute of it. They are memories that I won’t ever forget. I also won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who will be going out to Sydney. In fact I already have!

S Edmonds: Sotuh Hampton , UK February 2011

Hi, Suanne We are just finishing our trip and are currently in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. We will definitely be writing a glowing review of our tour with you as soon as we get home next week. We have had 5 private tours during our trip and yours was by far the best!!! Thank you so much for everything that you did for us including getting Bruce’s jacket back to us. You really went above and beyond in every respect. We hope that all is well with you. You’ll be hearing from us again soon.

Karen, Bruce, Jean, Larry and Dottie USA(February 2011)

My wife, son and I traveled to Sydney for the first time and had no idea what exactly to expect. I booked the Real Sydney Tour around Sydney as one of my first vacation to do’s. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made as far as a vacation activity. Suanne will actually pick you up at the airport for a small fee and after an all night flight, we decided to go straight to our tour after dropping our luggage at the airport. Suanne and Eddy were incredible tour guides. They know this city inside and out and offer a personal and customized tour of this incredible city. Suanne is so knowledgeable about the city and is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. They took us everywhere around the city and gave us a taste of what Sydney is all about. We had tea in the morning with tastes of Sydney as the theme. I loved the Tim Tams and my wife loved the vegemite. We then toured more of the city and did some walking around to see some of the incredible sites around Sydney. We even saw a whale as we stopped at one of the beaches. We then had lunch at Bondi Beach at a wonderful beach club and just relaxed. Eddy took us on a walk around one of the beautiful parks and then back to our hotel It was the highlight of a wonderful vacation.

We loved the city tour so much that we booked the Blue Mountains tour with them and it was just as great. It was a full day of personal attention and some of the most scenic views I have ever seen. We did some hiking and just enjoyed God’s creation in a personal way with Suanne and Eddy offering wonderful commentary to put it all into context.

I highly recommend that you let Suanne pick you up at the airport and do both the city tour and Blue Mountains tour with her and her group. She keeps the number on the tour low so it can be personal and you will just enjoy hanging out with her and the people that work with her. I haven’t recommended many things before but this was well worth the time to share my experience.

Mike, Tammy and Zac Texas USA July 2010

Thank you Suanne for a wonderful and informative day on our Real Sydney Tour. There were many highlights but I guess what really made it special was your attentiveness and focus on what we wanted – you made us feel very special but very much at ease at the same time. We would definitely recommend you on TripAdvisor and can’t wait to do our second tour with you to The Blue Mountains.Marilyn and David, East Anglia, UK (November 2010)

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